The „DA“ association

The Association „DA“ (Democratic Alternative, „DA“ meaning Yes in Bulgarian) is an organization which includes Bulgarian citizens leaving on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or abroad. The goal of the Association is to implement a genuine European legislation that would guarantee equal rights of all citizens (*).

In order to accomplish this project, the members of the Association „DA“ recommend the following:

  • Amending the Bulgarian Constitution to turn it into a true contract between the citizens and the State, in particular amending articles 65 and 93.
  • Applying the Lisbon Treaty which guarantees parliamentary representation of citizens from EU Member States, regardless of their permanent residency. Bulgaria as a country having one third of its population living abroad is one of the most affected from this requirement.
  • A new, democratic Election Code easing the full inclusion of all Bulgarian citizens.
  • Inclusion of representatives of the civil society in the entire election process – from the control of the voters lists to the counting of ballots.
  • Establishment of electoral regions abroad depending on the number of voters residing there.
  • Elimination of all obstacles, bans, and financial requirements for candidates.
  • Elimination of the requirement to collect thousands of signatures in minimum-short time, which is possible only under the well-known tradition of vote buying.
  • Elimination of monetary compensations for mentors and monitors.
  • Opportunities for individual candidatures, independent from political parties.
  • Elimination of paid interviews and contracted materials during the election campaign.
  • Securing free of charge media appearances, with equal time for all candidates.
  • Establishment of accurate and verified voters lists.
  • Public counting of ballots.
  • Introduction of online voting

The Members of the Association „DA“ are fighting for the real, not fictitious, European integration of Bulgaria. They believe in European values and are convinced that our Homeland will become a full-pledged member of the EU only when all Bulgarian citizens obtain equal rights.

(*)the full and extensive text about the goals of the Association „DA“ can be found in its Code, published on the site

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